Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success

Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success?


‘If you are not on Google you do not exist’. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning is all we do to make our website visible to the user. Most SEO actions are aimed at positioning the search engines. A good SEO engineer will seek maximum visibility on any channel that offers the internet, search engines, social networks, specialized websites, etc., all to get clients. It is essential for any company to have a clear presence and a good position.

What is SEO & Its Importance for an Online Business?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization (Natural Referencing). This term describes the procedure to follow to improve the ranking of your site in search engines. Search engines have developed indexing algorithms that change regularly. This approach is based on a list of keywords which illustrate the territory of personality of the website. These keywords must be found in different places on the pages of the site, in particular: the site name, the URL address, the TITLE tag. SEO provides effective search presence and visibility which leads to a significant increase in profitability, sales and cost efficiency for businesses.

This is the web site optimization technique used by search engines. The aim is to increase the visibility of a web page in search engines, increasing the position on the results page, through modifications of the external and internal technical aspects of the web itself.

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Considering the significance of SEO for an online business, we need to keep in mind that the greater the visibility of a web to a search engine, the more likely this web is to be visited by users who have used specific search criteria. But SEO techniques are changing, and having a well- indexed web, with a good link-building strategy, high experience, and relevant content is no longer enough.

The massive use of smart phones and tablets as internet connection devices and as a social means of communication has led these devices to play a key role in positioning well. That is why it is essential that the web has a design adapted to these devices, responsive design, for good SEO on Google, for example. Not in the same way, but with great influence, Social Media also helps positioning. They generate content and favor the strategy of building relationships, which is replacing link building as a positioning technique.

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Business Context

SEO is a technique that the marketing manager must acquire to present his offers on the website, to provide content related to the brand’s know-how. It can be used in B2B as well as B2C or B2B2C. It has become the gateway to the visibility of any web page. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SEM is the use of tools and strategies that will help an online business to optimize the visibility of web pages or e-commerce through search engine engines. Bilal Anwar have the ability to create campaigns with ads with cost-per-click on the Internet through the most common search engines. Like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Why Use It?

The objective of SEO is the optimization of web pages, corporate sites, online commerce sites or blogs. It makes it possible to improve the visibility of a business on the Web, to make it appear during the requests of internet users, by means of keywords associated with its activity.

How to Grow Online Business Using SEO?

The above discussion clearly shows that SEO help business to grow online. To grow your business online by using SEO, you need to follow these steps;


  • Define the keywords related to your field, with as much detail as possible. It is also necessary to observe by which word or combination of words, the Internet user searches for products, services, good plans. It is sometimes useful to take the singular and the plural of the same word or with two different spellings.
  • Then check the popularity of a word versus another equivalent word and prefer the one that is most sought after by internet users. For example, we would prefer the word “e-commerce site” with 40,500 requests in one month to the word “commercial site” with 27,100 requests in the same month, for an equivalent meaning. We can verify it with the Google AdWords keyword generator tool, in particular.
  • Finally, the keywords chosen for a page must appear several times in the titles, in the text, images, videos and sounds, to be referenced.

Methodology & Advice

SEO largely depends on the content and links to other pages.

  • Writing for the Web commits the marketing manager to adapt his writing style to SEO logic. It is not that easy, some pragmatic tracks:
  • To abandon a literary style learned in high school, where one had to avoid repetitions of identical words and find synonyms or different expressions.
  • Favor the repetition of the same keywords, in the titles and the text.
    Write short sentences, if possible in the present, in simple words and in short paragraphs.

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Why Code Creators?

Our SEO experts analyze your site in depth to identify the factors potentially blocking SEO. To do this, we study the behavior of the user on your site, the technical and editorial factors, the loading time of the pages of your site, the backlinks, the ergonomics and all the parameters that can improve the performance of your site.